Friday, November 6, 2009

The Face by Angela Hunt

Renee Carey is cleaning out some old records in her deceased mother’s warehouse when she stumbles upon an interesting finding. When Renee was fifteen years old her brother died. Added to this tragedy was that shortly before his death, his wife and stillborn baby had also passed away. This is what Renee had been told by her mother twenty years ago. What Renee uncovers in the warehouse is a letter from the CIA giving an update on the status of a Sarah Jane Sims, the daughter of the late officer Kevin Sims and late Diane Sims. Immediately after birth, this letter explains, Sarah was transported to a field hospital where she received treatment for several facial defects. This revelation amazes Renee. She has a niece that she did not know about. Renee sets out on a mission to find her niece. This proves to be quite difficult, but Renee does not lose heart. Will she find her long lost niece? If she does find her, will Sarah ever forgive Renee for not being a part of her life all these years?

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