Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lamplighter Award Voting Party!

We just finished our Lamplighter Award Voting Party! Several of our middle school students voted for their favorite of the ten Lamplighter Nominees. I asked the students to comment on the book that they liked the most. Here's what some of them said:

"Fire From the Rock, an inspirational story, was my favorite book to read. . . It helped me learn about history and how minorities were treated. To me, it made me look at a whole new way of friendship, trust, faithfulness, and bravery. I truly recommend this book!"
---Rebekah (6th Grade)

"Isle of Swords--I loved the mystery, adventure and the fighting. I liked how there were different teams because just when you beat one enemy the next one comes out and attacks."
---Joshua (7th Grade)

"The Isle of Swords was definitely a favorite, though the sword fighting was a little 'graphic.' Not for squeamish readers."
---Carly (8th Grade)

"The Isle of Swords was my favorite book because it tells of a pirate girl becoming a hero on her father's ship. It shows that girls are powerful, brave, strong and smart."
---Ashley (7th Grade)

Here's how the voting went for our Lamplighter Participants:
Isle of Swords by Wayne Batson--5 Votes
Fire from the Rock by Sharon M. Draper--3 Votes
The Klipfish Code by Mary Casanova--2 Votes
We look forward to seeing how this compares to the National vote!

Middle School Students--Summer is a great time to begin reading the Lamplighter Nominees! Click on this link to download the 2010/2011 Lamplighter List (the Lamplighter list is the last list in the file--books for younger readers come first): http://www.childrenscrownaward.org/lamplighter.htm

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